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“Be The Nerd — Quit Facebook”

As I wrote early this week, I decided to quit Twitter and other sources of extraneous information for a period of time in order to better focus on my friendships, work, and school. This was an extremely rewarding experiment, and I learned a great deal.

Part of the reason I quit was because my brain was never bored. I never had a down moment in my life because I filled every second with some form of information intake or entertainment. This break from social media let me feel that boredom. I felt like I had more space to stretch out and explore my thoughts and ambitions properly.

There has been a Facebook comment by Mark Zuckerberg floating around lately, where he tells a grandmother to encourage her granddaughter to “*be* the nerd”.

Facebook comment by Mark Zuckerberg

I highly encourage this, and I think it's fantastic that Mark left this comment.

Even better, perhaps, are Natasha Lomas's thoughts on this comment:

Facebook is a spare time killer. And spare time is where nerds are born — or rather self-made, by building and breaking things of their own making. Not by posting comments congratulating someone else on their creative new year plans.


Want to be a nerd? Quit checking Facebook every five minutes and go build something of your own.

Coming Back to Twitter

When I wrote the first post in my new Focus series, My New Focus, I stated that I had decided to quit Twitter for the time being. I didn't do this because Twitter was annoying me or because I had lost value in the service, quite the opposite. I felt like I took in too much information every day, and that Twitter was a big part of the reason I felt overwhelmed.

My New Focus

Lately I've noticed a change in the way I've been managing my time. I've put more of an emphasis on social media and things that I don't need to worry about than I should. So after a lot of thinking, I have decided to change my lifestyle. I have decided to change how I spend my time, and I want to be more focused and productive. It will be an ongoing process, but I'm ready for it.