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I've never written a blog before. Well, actually, that isn't exactly true (I'm sorry for that truly embarrassing look into my past). But lately I've been reading lots of tech blogs, and I decided that I wanted to join in the conversation and offer up my point of view to anyone that would like to read it. I am planning on dedicating this blog to writing frequently about Objective-C, Swift, tech news that interests me, and honestly anything else I feel like writing about. So without further ado I'd like to start my first post, where I start writing about my experience in writing my first iOS app.

I am still in college, which means my summers are relatively just time I can kill however I like. I usually work during the summer, but this summer I decided to do something different. It's been my dream for several years now to learn how to develop for iOS, and well, this summer that's exactly what I'm doing. I decided to learn Objective-C first (I'll learn Swift later).

So the first thing I did? I started with the tutorials, you know, to learn the basics of Objective-C. Honestly that got boring really quick, so after about 3 days of following coding tutorials I just jumped right into iOS development. I've always been the hands-on type of learner. I started on my first project, a sunset countdown app with a friend. The idea is to have an app that displays what time the sun will set based on your location. It's a simple idea, and a simple app, but that's the best kind of idea to learn app development with.

In the process of building this app, I started a design and development with my friend Chase McCoy called Cosmic Owl Studio.

I have since finished this project (in review for the App Store), but I plan to take a few posts on this blog to detail specific things I learned. The first post in the series will explore Nox, my very first iPhone app, and the story behind it. Also in this series you can look forward to blog posts with titles such as The Table View That Wasn't Used, Conditionals Really Are Cool!, Sometimes the Customer Doesn't Want Options, and Layers and Views Are Trickier Than You Think.

I hope you enjoy following me in this adventure!

Nathan Ansel

Nathan Ansel

Nathan is an iOS Developer that has a passion for making beautiful, well developed apps. He loves Swift, fitness, and playing video games. He can be found on twitter at nathan3o4.