"The iPad Paradox"

Chase McCoy describes his feelings about the using the iPad as his sole machine in the latest post on his site. He makes some good points that while he likes using his iPad, work is easier to complete on his Mac:

The truth of the matter is that whatever I can get done on my iPad, I can do on my Mac with half the time and effort.

I agree with him here. While I greatly enjoy doing things on my iPad, I tend to go back to my Mac to do "real" work. I can't fire up Xcode and work on app development on my iPad, and it's difficult to research and write papers for school on a small, singularly-focused screen.

There are certain things I much prefer to do on my iPad though, such as writing this article. I love using my iPad. The apps feel richer, I can touch them, I can even feel them. They seem to have more character and charm than my Mac does, where most of the tools I use seem utilitarian. The iPad is the machine I love to use, and alas, I never seem to find myself reaching for it when I need to work.

This is something I've attempted to change lately. I've been proactive about using my iPad more as a machine with which to work on, but it is difficult to do. I like the workflows I use on my Mac not because I enjoy them, but because they allow me to get things done in a much more productive way than if I were to complete the same task on my iPad.

Chase decided that the only way he will use an iPad more in his workflow is to use an iPad Pro. I don't necessarily feel like that is the route I want to take (the Pro seems like it's too big for me), I do feel like having a bigger iPad with Split View would help me find the productive use of my iPad I have been searching for.

I've decided that the next iPad I will buy will be the next variant of the Air with LTE, and I really hope it will have 3D Touch and the new Touch ID sensors in it.

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Nathan Ansel

Nathan Ansel

Nathan is an iOS Developer that has a passion for making beautiful, well developed apps. He loves Swift, fitness, and playing video games. He can be found on twitter at nathan3o4.